Book Fair

It’s almost not fair.

When I walk into the school library, I’m instantly overwhelmed by the massive aluminum cases, giant prismatic clamshells opened to display the colorful books stacked one after the other on the shelves within, facing outward to display their covers, each of them alluring in their own ways.

In addition, there are the tables.  Table after table of stacked books, each stack topped by a single volume standing, slightly opened, inviting me to stop, browse, and covet.  

And the open bins of plastic trinkets.  Actually, those aren’t really a temptation.  Scratch that line.

But the books, oh the books.

I’ve got my students to think of, my own reading to consider, and, perhaps most importantly, my grandchildren.  Grandchildren who won’t grow up to be the readers they could be without that one book I’ve not yet purchased.

Heaven help me, I’m weak…and I work in four different schools.  My wife is gonna kill me.

16 thoughts on “Book Fair”

  1. And since you don’t know what that “one book” is, you’ll have to buy a whole bunch of them to cover your bases, sos to speak.

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  2. Ha ha ha! Your wife knew what she was getting into. And the grandchildren cannot be without.

    On a related note, my nephew and his wife had a baby today, so I am a great aunt!

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  3. I feel your pain on this one. Our PTO actually gives each of us $25 to spend at the book fair each year for the past few years which has really helped. I still somehow end up with arm loads way beyond that $25. Can’t help myself. Good luck!

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  4. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t stop smiling as I read your post! I know how you feel! While I don’t work in four different schools, I teach K-5 and I always use that as a justification for buying more books. Now, I need to check with the librarian at my school about the date for our spring book fair:)

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