A Short, Fruity Observation

I don’t think I want to work at an Apple store.

On the positive side, I’d be surrounded by fellow believers and a lot of really cool tech.

On the negative side, I’d be surrounded by people who are either:

  • Spending a lot of money
  • Unhappy because something doesn’t work
  • Confused (and I say this respectfully) because it’s all so new to someone who knows what a “party line” is

Nope.  Thanks, but no.



Just a quick aside: I was at the Apple store tonight to take one of their teacher workshops.  I highly recommend them.

10 thoughts on “A Short, Fruity Observation”

  1. I’ve heard those classes are great. Now that I have a recommendation, I may have to try one…but working there? I think you are probably correct.

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  2. I loved your post! I dream of being a Genius but not that you mention it, there would be those downsides you mention. But there’s also this, when you solve that (probably sort of simple) problem for someone and they look at you and go, “Wow, thank you, you are so awesome, wow, I couldn’t have done this without you!” Like, isn’t that just an uber teaching moment right there?

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    1. Part of what I do is teach basic computer coding to elementary teachers, so I know (and agree with!) what you mean about teaching, ahem, older people. When I do it, though, there’s not a purchase involved. That said, the folks working there generally looked happy!

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  3. I love your observation about the types of customers in Apple stores. You’re right, that that’s not quite the most fun conditions to be interacting with people in.

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  4. Ha ha! This made me think of the Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon says he refuses to work at the Apple Store because he cannot be part of anything that devalues the word “genius.” With that said, I have always had great experience at the Apple Store myself.

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