Um, I might have a problem (I say to the choir).

Just the other day, I wrote a slice about blowing the dust off a book that I needed to help my granddaughter with her reading.  Wow, was I glad I had that book.

That said, I still might have a problem.

I have bookshelves in nearly every room of the house, and I still have…well, I still have stacks.  Not large stacks, but what I call working stacks.  You know: I’m working with these, or these are what I’m currently reading.

The problem, you see, is that I don’t have room on the shelves should I not want to have working stacks in my house.

I looked in my shop this morning, and I have the wood I need to make more shelves.  



7 thoughts on “Books”

  1. I think I need a woodshop. I am trying to do some cleaning while we are home and there are stacks, some working, but some just stacked, everywhere! Yikes! This made me laugh!

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  2. Funny! I think this could be a common problem! Yes, I think I will call them “working” stacks now. And that is amazing that you can build more shelves. Super solution!

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  3. I like your solution to the problem. We have lots of books in our house too. I think too many to be honest but I can’t part with them. I just can’t…maybe I can. Maybe I should take time this week to focus on book dump…I think. Can you build me some shelves?

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