Spring Chorus

I don’t know where
but there is water
in the tree line across the way

Water from the Gulf of Mexico
dropped below the foothills of the Appalachians
for a season

Vernal pools
shallow, ephemeral
long gone by the time summer arrives

I stand, on these cool spring nights
and listen from a distance to the frogs
who tell me of those pools

Mountain chorus frogs
unaware they were left behind
when their mountains took a long, slow walk

to the ocean

26 thoughts on “Spring Chorus”

  1. As I read your poem, I am taken by it’s flow, how it sounds.
    I know I can reread it and think about the underlying meaning.
    But it’s early and I’m just waking. For now I enjoy the sound and natural images.
    Thank oyu for starting my morning with a lovely poem!

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  2. I swear I thought I heard frogs the other day in the middle of my city! At my last apartment building there was a frog pond at the entryway to help control the mosquitos that spread all kinds of horrible diseases here, so maybe I did hear frogs… I love the time travel of your frogs.

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    1. Erika, where there’s water, it’s not uncommon to find frogs! I’ve heard of using frogs for mosquito control, so maybe that’s what’s going on. Thanks for your comments!


  3. Swoon. Thanks for this Tim. You know you had me at vernal pools. Frogs are wonderful messengers, aren’t they? I heard my first bird-like frog calling out from the woods yesterday. Such a thrill. My poem today is based on the word “ephemeral,” so we are on the same wavelength.

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    1. We’ve had frogs singing for about a month now, and I always love listening to them. I’m glad to hear frog season has moved that far north., and it’s neat that we both have “ephemeral” on the brain!

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  4. Calming. I can almost envision the picture you paint with your words, Tim. We have a retention pond behind our house for a new development that went in over the last three years. It’s actually supposed to drain but didn’t last year. The noise of the frogs in the early evening (many different kinds) was deafening and actually kind of creepy.

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  5. My brother, on his farm in Missouri, told me a week or so ago that the chorus had begun. I’ve only heard them a few times & it was quite amazing to me. I doubt they are exactly the same, but singing nonetheless. I love that ending, a thought for them!

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  6. Your word choices here give me that lingering feeling like I’m taking a slow walk through your woods. Wonderful poem. And I will say it reminded me of Christie!

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    1. Molly, spring is moving its way north and will be there soon! I’ve spent a lot of time recently (through a number of community education events) describing how the mountains that used to tower above the state of Alabama have eroded and now sit at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. The “long, slow walk” was born there. Thank you for your comments.


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