Is the Passage of Time Constant? SOLSC 31

I have to confess: I teach subject material I don’t really believe. I teach my students there are 24 hours in a day, and all of those hours take the same amount of time to pass.  The rotation of the Earth, and all that.  There are 60 minutes in an hour, and, again, they allContinue reading “Is the Passage of Time Constant? SOLSC 31”

The Kids are Alright SOLSC 30

This was also posted on my blog at Whenever I can, I like to incorporate music into my classroom routine.  I’ve only had limited success with music to teach content (trust me, it’s me and not the students…I’m working on it), but I enjoy playing music to brighten the classroom climate.  My go-to musicContinue reading “The Kids are Alright SOLSC 30”

There isn’t Anyone SOLSC 28

This was originally posted on When I started this Slice of Life Story Challenge, I said to myself (and I know I’ve mentioned this once or twice before) that I was going to keep things light and not dwell on the difficulties of life as a teacher, husband, father, or friend.  There have been aContinue reading “There isn’t Anyone SOLSC 28”

When Worlds Collide SOLSC 27

This was originally posted on This is my first time participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge, and I’ve enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  I’ve long considered myself a writer, but have never written and published with regularity.  I know I’m still a few days away from the end–this isn’tContinue reading “When Worlds Collide SOLSC 27”

What a Dovetail Means to Me SOLSC 26

This was originally posted on I’ve spent some time this weekend exploring what I need to get a newly acquired dovetail jig ready to use.  I want to make some boxes and think they’ll be better looking with that particular joint.  Fortunately, my dad had a jig he was willing to give me, and IContinue reading “What a Dovetail Means to Me SOLSC 26”

Degrees of Cathie SOLSC 25

This was originally posted on I have absolutely no idea how many degrees of separation there are between Kevin Bacon and me. No idea whatsoever. That said, I do have a positive recollection of him in Footloose all those years ago. Truth be told, that positivity could be because of my date (high school, tonsContinue reading “Degrees of Cathie SOLSC 25”

That’s Right…I Can Draw SOLSC 24

This was originally posted on Being a teacher of third graders has its challenges, but there are a few things that come pretty easy to me.  Playing basketball with my students, for example.  Being 6’ 4” tall allows me to dominate on a court with an 8’ hoop.  Not many students beat me with multiplicationContinue reading “That’s Right…I Can Draw SOLSC 24”

Dinner Date SOLSC 23

This was originally posted on My daughter saved me–and you, my reader–from having to write about school.  Thank goodness.  Today was one of those days where it wasn’t a bad day, but wasn’t necessarily a good day, either.  For this teacher of third graders, it was a busy day. Busy, as in, “Wow.” But, I’mContinue reading “Dinner Date SOLSC 23”

Your Turtle is Loose SOLSC 22

This was originally posted on If you’ve been a teacher for more than a few days, you’ve been here: You’re in the middle of a lesson, you’ve got decent student engagement, you’re feeling pretty good about what’s going on, and… The phone rings.  Really?  I mean, really?  Yep, just yesterday. Caller ID showed that itContinue reading “Your Turtle is Loose SOLSC 22”