I live in north Alabama with my wife, our dog, and our small flock of chickens.  Both of our daughters are nearby, as well as our sons-in-law and two granddaughters.

I’m in my fourth year of working as a STEM Coach for Madison County Schools after teaching third grade for eleven years.  I’m also involved in community education, primarily through the RISE Raptor Project and the Land Trust of North Alabama.

I’ve had an online presence for quite a while now (I think my first blog post was around 2005) and I’ve moved my site from place to place a few times over the years.  My latest blog was at http://www.yetthereismethod.net/ (not online anymore) and before that I was at http://www.yetthereismethod.wordpress.com.  The WordPress site was my primary site for most of my online years, and served, for the most part, as a place to stash my teaching thoughts, resources, and materials.

This blog, though, is a place to share my writing about what’s going on around me.  Most of it is written in a “Slice of Life” format (especially titles that include “SOLSC”), but this blog might include commentary (not a lot) and a bit of poetry.  A few pictures now and then.  Maybe the odd video link.  It’s hard to tell.  That said, thank you for being here!

Updated March 24, 2021.