And I did, or “Teaching, August 2020”

Fifth grade, Mrs. Williams’ roomIf I can get through this presentationThe rest of the year is easyAnd I did Algebra, ninth grade, fourth quarterIf I can pull off a 90 on the finalI’ll pass the classAnd I did Parris Island with a late September report dateIf I can make it through without getting set backI’llContinue reading “And I did, or “Teaching, August 2020””

Bothered or Not

I’ve never met Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens, for that matterI’ve read some of his stuff thoughand something he said has always Sort of stuck with me   “I’m bothered,” I’ve read“By those passages of scripture I do understand” or something along those lines.  The quote changes as such things will do over the years He’d be, in the company ofContinue reading “Bothered or Not”