Just a Thin Slice SOLSC 8

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As a rule of thumb, I rarely trust women who ask for “just a thin slice” of any type of dessert.  That has almost nothing to do with today’s writing, but since I’m only offering a thin slice it came to my mind.  “Why?” you might ask. Because they’re usually going to want some of mine…

Stepping out my back door this morning, I was totally overcome with the sensory explosion that has led to today’s slice.  I was heading out to make sure our chickens had food and fresh water for the day (my chickens are a story for another day, I’m sure), and was wearing my traditional cool weather garb of sweatpants and a pull over-fleece.  My upper body’s toastiness was quickly offset by the 39 degree Crocs that I slipped my bare feet into on the porch.  Now fully awake, and I mean fully awake! I started down the steps into the yard.

And was totally blown away.

Within the span of a few seconds, I became aware of the birdsong that surrounded me.  The chickadees were loudly admonishing me for not yet putting up the birdhouses sitting in my garage.  The mocking birds were staking out their territory in the neighborhood.  The robins were doing, well, whatever it is robins do.  And two Canada geese flew overhead, honking loudly as if their volitation depended on it. (Mary Oliver also whispered in my ear, as she oftentimes does, “You do not have to be good…”)

Within the same few seconds, I was aware of the new colors surrounding me, standing out against the browns and grays of the winter backdrop.  The lime-green new grass was emerging, the bright pink cherry blossoms next door called for my attention, the white flowers of the volunteer Bradford pear trees behind my yard caught my eye, and the vivid pink blooms of the redbuds stood out starkly against the brown of the deciduous trees further on.

But, most dramatically, within those same few seconds, the Sun rose from behind the house to my east.  I only imagined the “pop,” but it seemed all so real as the trees, the chicken coop, and the rest of my yard was instantly bathed in the golden morning light. The blue sky, the crisp air, the clamor of the birdsong, the colors that surrounded me, and the instantaneous sunlight: All of them worked in concert to leave me briefly speechless.

Just a few seconds–I suppose that’s a thin slice–but oh, what a rush of flavor.  Enough to share.

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