Bumper Sticker

When I drive

or even better

when I’m a passenger

I enjoy looking at bumper stickers

on the cars I see around me

I love to laugh along with the witticisms

I love to shake my head either

in agreement

or disagreement

with their politics

I might like their team

I might not like their team

(But, look, it’s


a game)

I normally appreciate the sentiments

but sometimes I don’t


When I drive

or even better

when I’m a passenger

I like to look at bumper stickers


99 out of a hundred times


Every once in awhile

    and today was such a day

I have to wonder

what that person has been through

in order to want to express

that sort of message to the world

on the back

of his or her car


The pain


speaking to me

speaking to everyone who follows


They don’t know me

I don’t know them


sometimes I wonder.

6 thoughts on “Bumper Sticker”

  1. As I read I thought about the bumper stickers I see in my town. Some give me pause. Most have something to do w/ guns or which school the vehicle owner supports. Then I arrived at the end of your poem, and I began seeing the people who pasted the sticker on the car. I don’t typically do that because bumper stickers often articulate cliches. Yes, each sticker represents a story and a life of the owner.

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  2. This tells me so much about the kind of person you are. Your post is very generous. Perhaps SOL is getting to me, but wouldn’t it be a fascinating premise for a book of short stories? Maybe each bumper sticker as a chapter title?


  3. Bumper sticker folk wisdom is one genre: “Getting old ain’t for sissies.” And then there’s the political polarization or the person who says we can have it all: Jesus, Evolution, and Whatever. What I appreciate about your post is the thoughtful observation, wondering about the driver and what moved a person to post a sticker on their vehicle.


  4. One of my favorites was not a bumper sticker, but a license plate spotted on a Smart car. Yep, right below the “Smart” the license plate read “Aleck.” I laughed out loud.

    But your slice is so true… sometimes we can only wonder what has happened to a person to make them display messages with so much anger in them- as you point out, there is a lot of pain out there. It’s a moment that calls for a prayer right in the moment.


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