Today, I had to run two errands.  To be sure, I’m limiting my travel to that which is essential, at least in my mind.  I went to get some cold medicine (bummer time to have a “normal” illness–my mind tends to grab it and run), and I had to get some supplies for our chickens.

We’ve just got a small flock in our back yard.  They don’t take a lot of work, and they’re a lot of fun.  I highly recommend them.

Anyway, Tractor Supply it was.  

I don’t know why, but this time of the year always catches me by surprise when I visit that store.  I walked through the door, returned the greeting given me by the clerk, and headed down the main aisle past the air compressors and garden tools.  

As I walked, I breathed through a variety of smells, some chemical and some organic, and then another sense took over: Hearing. 

What does one hear in a Tractor Supply this time of the year?

That’s right. Chicks!  

Lots and lots of baby chicks, enclosed in huge watering troughs, basking under the glow of the heat lamps suspended twelve inches or so above their feathery heads.

It was a quiet cacophony, but one it was as dozens and dozens of little peeps filled the air.  There was a sense of urgency in each of those precocial little creatures. Most were moving quickly around the enclosure as if they’d some place to go, and others were just sitting.  And peeping.

I stood there for a few minutes, just soaking it in.  Maybe I’ll need to run another errand sometime soon.


6 thoughts on “Peep”

  1. Baby chicks! How wonderful! When I had a backyard flock, I ordered mine from a catalog and they arrived alive in a box! It was the most incredible thing. I hope to have chickens again sometime. Your slice makes me long to visit the feed store to see those baby chicks.

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    1. Elisabeth, we’ve had chickens for about 10 years now, and we’ve never mail-ordered them. I can only imagine how cool it is to have them arrive in the mail. I do enjoy seeing them in the store or at the feed mill every spring–it’s worth the trip!


  2. You’ve convinced me. I’ve never been to the Tractor Supply in our town, but now I want nothing more than to hear and see those chicks! I do NEED to make a trip out of the house…does Tractor Supply carry TP? 😁

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