Honestly, I prefer metaphors when they don’t apply to me.  Really.  

I’m a person with more than a few hobbies.  I’m interested in just about everything, and over the years have dabbled (or more than dabbled) in everything from my fairly constant woodworking to my current pottery attempts. 

I’ve tried painting with a number of media, I’ve done a number of things with textiles, and I’ve even earned a bit of spending money making macrame plant hangers in the 70s.  

Those are back now, maybe I should look into them again.

Hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking are all things I enjoy doing, and I love teaching about the outdoors, so I’ve accumulated a library and collection of paraphernalia for that effort. 

Teaching is a hobby unto itself, in addition to being a full time job.

All these things, and more, have left me with a lot of stuff.  

Gardening and yard work.  I’m not going to say I love it, but I do enjoy it.  Today has been a beautiful day here in north Alabama, and I’ve been outside for most of it, doing yard work.  

Mostly, pruning: removing excess growth for the good of the larger plant or space.

That’s gotten me thinking.

Ouch.  This is going to hurt.



  1. I see what you did there! =)

    Yes, perhaps pruning is a good strategy, but as someone else who pursues hobbies as a hobby, sometimes it’s also good to just…let stuff grow and see what takes over…

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  2. Glad you had a beautiful day to do some pruning. Sometimes weeding helps us to observe what’s most important to us and in your case, a hobby. I appreciate your piece and am now thinking about the small cabinet in my bedroom that I’ve been meaning to open but never seem to get to. Perhaps I’ll do some pruning tomorrow during the afternoon rain….

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