Coming In from the Back Yard

As the air cools in the evening
Coming in from the back yard, it seems
Is never just coming in from the back yard

With the sun cut in half by the trees to the west
One’s coming in from the back yard should be easy:
Point yourself toward the back door and walk

But it’s rarely that simple  

You see the last plants in the garden that need watering
The last weed, missed before, to be plucked from the ground
The wheelbarrow, shovels, and hand tools to be cleaned

The level in the chicken waterer, you notice, is low
And it’s best to take care of that tonight
So it’s not forgotten with the busyness of the morning 

There are so many things to take care of

The hose coiled, the chickens settled
The sun now fully below the tree line and dusk deepening
You stand, one last time, on the porch looking out over the yard

The evening birds are singing their twilight songs
The air is still and distinctly cooler
And you turn toward the house

Reaching for the light switch as you go

9 thoughts on “Coming In from the Back Yard”

  1. Such a vivid and beautiful walk on life’s daily path. We are always noticing what more needs to be done, as if the work can ever be finished … or maybe because our restless spirits need order and we can always see one or two or a dozen things that need organizing and tending to.Lately I’ve been envisioning some kind of story about a path cluttered with artifacts of life. Not sure how I’ll use it or what it means, but I am letting it sort of unravel itself. How many of us wrote about light and peace today! Always fascinates me how writers think in sync – or how the ideas blanket us.

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    1. It does seem like there’s always one more thing, doesn’t it? I’m intrigued by your story idea of a path. I was surprised to see the word “cluttered,” but I think I know what you mean. I was kind of expecting “lined,” but that kind of goes back to that need for order. It is fascinating how common it is to see a theme running through a day’s slices. I suppose we’re all reacting to a shared experience, regardless of how disparate our individual lives may be.

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  2. This is a lovely story of the end of the day and one that each of us can reflect on as we go to put the day to bed. With longer days, I am often trying to do ONE more thing…..lovelu.

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  3. Your piece rings so true! For me it’s not just the back yard, but the entire house: Better put that laundry in the dryer; better not leave that food out overnight; need to empty that trash can; those toys could be tripped over so I better… you get the idea. Your writing paints a beautiful picture, ending peacefully with the birds singing their twilight songs. Thanks for sharing this!

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  4. Lovely, thoughts, Tim. I can almost picture you wandering in from the backyard! Very descriptive and welcoming! We have learned, over the years, to do a little bit each day to keep our yard looking well. It is easier to do 15 minutes a night than 2 hours on a Saturday. I love being out at dusk on a warm, late spring evening, taking care of what needs to be done. You wrote a lovely poem.

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