Purple Donkeys and Love

Or, “On Eisegesis”

For the sake of illustration
Let’s say the good teacher is passing through town
Astride a purple donkey

There are no purple donkeys, I know
This is just to illustrate a point
Also, hardly anyone rides a donkey through town these days

Two men, one a fool, are walking toward each other
On the side of the road
They meet, just as the teacher passes

From his purple donkey, the teacher turns toward them
“The two of you,” he says, almost whispering
“Love one another”

One man decides then and there to love the other, but
The fool, thinking of his own purple donkey at home
Finds satisfaction growing in his mind and smiles

Knowing he has already fulfilled what he heard commanded him

2 thoughts on “Purple Donkeys and Love”

  1. And then what are we to make of that world, bringing our own lives into it, or trying harder to understand another’s? A thoughtful poem, Tim!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for reading, Linda, I appreciate it. This is a turbulent time, for better or worse (I’m leaning toward better) and I hope we all come out of it better people.


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