To experience a walk as one who dares
to stride in another’s stead
is to begin, but only to begin, to understand

You’ve not cried the tears
your heart has not been torn asunder
but you’ve chosen to walk in turn
where another—without choosing—must tread

Walk near with a heart ardent
Walk as one who dares

This poem was written as part of a challenge to end every line with a word containing only the letters found in a single word.  For this poem, the word is “understand.”

9 thoughts on “Understand”

  1. First: This is a new approach for me – I will have to give it a try!

    Next … this poem is, to me, full of empathy and courage. To dare walking “near” to the pain others are currently experiencing when one cannot fully walk in those shoes, along a path not chosen … deeply contemplative, deeply stirring in its truth. The point being – be there. Be near, even if only beginning to understand. In this lies an offering of the heart.

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    1. Fran, the form was a challenge, but I enjoyed working with it. Thank you for your comments. I didn’t know where the poem was going to go as I browsed through the available words, but given the current affairs of the world I guess the outcome was sort of a given. Empathy, I think if I’m honest, is as much a burden as a blessing. I’m astounded when I realize someone doesn’t have any, but sometimes I’m just a tiny bit jealous and wish I could give them some of mine. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.


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