Wondering if I closed the gate earlier this evening
I make my way into the back yard
flashlight in hand, and find it open.

Closing it, reassured the fence will keep the dog in 
and the rest of the world out 
I slowly make my way back to the house.

On a whim, I play my beam along the fence line.  
Two rabbits freeze
unaware their eyes are glowing in the light.

Something else scurries through the chainlink 
just as the darkness of its space is broken
and I hear yet another as it moves through the garden.

Once indoors, assured the walls will keep me in 
and the rest of the world out
I close the door behind me.

One thought on “Flashlight”

  1. This is so visual — a nice bit of irony since it takes place in the dark. It’s like I’m right there with you. I especially like the repetition of the keeping in and keeping out. It brings a nice sense of closure, in keeping with the shutting of the door.


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