Finding Peace

Berry’s “The Peace of Wild Things” drifts in and out of my mind
As I walk the woods of north Alabama on a crisp Sunday afternoon

Like the poet, I, too, experience the grip of despair some days
Despair and fear

Unlike Berry, though, I do not lie by the water of the drake and the heron
Rather, I walk a path among the pines, the oaks, and the hickories

There is a stillness here, known by the face of the limestone above me
A face that has borne witness to millenia upon millenia in silence

In that place, I know peace as the cool wind moves around me
In that place, I know the Grace of Creation, and find my rest

4 thoughts on “Finding Peace”

  1. What a beautiful reminder to find grace and rest in the world around us. I especially appreciate the way you dovetail Berry’s work so seamlessly with your own. I can imagine you in that moment, in that place, as his words and works come to you. Thank you for bringing us along.


  2. Your poem left me eager to get outside, to find what you found, to learn to identify a hickory tree in all its seasons., to feel small next to a face of limestone. Thank you for sharing your poem, Tim!


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