The Trolls of My Adulthood

The trolls of my childhood

lurked under bridges 
waiting for the perfect goat

or sat deep in the mountains
feeling lucky about the errant dwarf

Today’s hide behind a screen name
waiting for the next tweet to pounce upon
just for the sad pleasure of doing so

Trolls never have had much of a life

This week’s Poetry Friday roundup can be found on Laura Shovan’s site here: Laura Shovan

15 thoughts on “The Trolls of My Adulthood”

  1. I adore your references, Tim. They may be “waiting for the perfect goat” but we only need to “Let the sunshine in”, right? Thanks for the big smile!

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  2. The through line of the lurking trolls is brilliant, Tim. It is interesting what constitutes ‘life’ for a troll, both in the classic and modern sense.

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