There’s a Badge!

Well, if that’s not a reason to write, I don’t know what is.

It’s the third of March, and I’m participating in Two Writing Teacher’s Slice of Life Story Challenge.  During the month, writers are challenged to post a short personal narrative–a Slice of Life–to their blogs and share it daily.  It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of work.  Funny how those two go together sometimes.

Anyway, I’ve got a fairly consistent writing practice, but publishing is not an everyday thing.  A few times a week at best is my normal practice. 

So: That reason to write.

This morning I posted the third narrative to my blog, and almost immediately the little blue light on my phone started blinking.  Reflexively, I’m sorry to say, I picked it up and checked my notifications.

WordPress: “You’re on a 3-day streak on Yet There is Method!”

Yes, the number three was bolded as was the name of my blog. And there’s a badge.  A badge!  The better to emphasize my accomplishment, I suppose.

Writing, gamified.

Now look, I’m not trying to be a downer here.  “Gamified” has become a bit of a loaded word in my circles; sometimes it’s a positive thing, and sometimes it’s a negative thing. (As an educator, should I rely on gamification to get my subject matter across?  As with most things, some say yes, and some say no).

To be honest, a few years ago when this happened I even got a bit excited to see the accomplishment.  3 days!  7 Days!  I do like to accomplish things (as is evidenced by the SOLSC badge on my website), and I really don’t have a problem with the WordPress recognition, but now…it just seems a bit odd to me.  Maybe I’m getting old.  Maybe you kids should just stay off my lawn.

As I’m writing this some hours later, that notification has already moved down and off of my phone’s screen.  I’m going to keep writing and reading, hopefully every day for the entire month.  After all, that 30 day badge isn’t going to earn itself!

15 thoughts on “There’s a Badge!”

  1. I love this Tim! (I, too, and impressed by badges and stickers!) You SHOULD be proud! 3 days in a row is awesome! It is great to see you here! You are always such a ray of light, supporting others! Enjoy your day!

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  2. 31 days! Hmm, my phone does not give me badges (because I turn off just about every notification) so I am a little less rewarded:( I am with you on gamification- I can see both sides and I know it motivates some, so maybe I should be more open.

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  3. “Maybe you kids should just stay off my lawn.” LOL. I love this, Tim! And I kinda sorta maybe definitely love the badges that pop up on the WordPress notifications – it can become quite the motivator. Happy slicing!

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  4. This made me chuckle. In EdTech, there are so many badges. I just don’t see the point sometimes. And yet…I have 4 badges in my email signature and strive for those badges on my workout apps. So, there’s that. I am also a little jealous of your badge…I need to figure out why I am not getting WordPress badges. LOL

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    1. Andrea, the EdTech badges are just a little bit crazy, aren’t they? I recently completed a 4-day training and was offered the opportunity to be certified in the application (it’s our new student information system/learning management system). One of the perks: A badge!

      As I’ve been reading comments, I think it’s possible I used the wrong word (he says after a bunch of people have read his post). It’s a badge, but it’s integral to the notification. Maybe it’s more the equivalent of a sticker? A gold star?


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