Don’t Step in That

Lately, I’ve been walking the trails of a local Land Trust property for exercise.  In my mind, what I’m doing is different than hiking because, well, I’m not walking as slow as I normally do; I’m not observing like I normally do.  I did see a pretty cool cedar apple rust yesterday, though, and today?  Well, today I didn’t step in it.

I was moving pretty quickly for an older guy, and surprised myself at my own agility as my foot swung wide mid-stride to avoid the furry little pile sitting in the middle of the trail.

Coyote.  Segmented but ropey, filled with fur–yep, it was coyote poop.

Here’s the deal: coyote’s mark their territory in a number of ways, including with their droppings.  Seriously, they go out of their way to poop on the trail.

Three thoughts went through my mind after the initial identification and avoidance maneuver.  The first was, “I’m glad I didn’t step in that.” The second was, “I’m glad I’m not the one who did,” as the edge of the pile was, apparently smeared away by a boot or shoe.

The third?  Well, I had to rap.  You know, a sing-songy rhythmic chant.  A rap.

It starts with an S and ends with a T
It comes out of you and it comes out of me
I know what you’re thinking–don’t think like that
Think like a scientist, and call it…scat.

I love being an environmental educator. People, watch where you walk out there!

16 thoughts on “Don’t Step in That”

  1. Tim I’m going to need you to stop being so delightful with your slice of life/education posts ;P

    Just kidding. I really enjoyed this walk with you on the trail and thanks for teaching me that little ditty about scat.

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  2. I can completely picture the avoid-the-scat move, and it’s an important one to master. I did NOT know that coyotes poop has fur. I appreciate that fact as I worry about my dogs. Fun post to read this morning. Thanks.

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  3. We are definitely on the same channel, Tim. Right when you were talking about coyotes, and stepping in it, my brain immediately squirrel-jumped to the “scat rap.” And then. There you were. #GreatMinds

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  4. Fun! We will occasionally find coyote scat in our yard…which backs up to a coulee (valley with only one way in and out) from which we hear coyote pups yelp at night after a kill or when they are being fed. They are around…..just don’t step in it! Good job!

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  5. I step in it all the time, both literally and figuratively. Thanks for a piece of writing that made me smile. Keep on keeping on with that scat.

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  6. I laughed out loud at the rap. Laughing WITH you, of course! Do you think my dog is part coyote? He only poops on walks. He can be in the backyard all day but only goes on the sidewalks of our neighborhood. I just thought he liked watching me clean up after him…

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    1. Jackie, I don’t know if your dog is part coyote, but–if he’s like mine–he definitely likes to poop when it’s inconvenient for you! The rap is funny. Kids (older) love it!


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