Technology and Chipmunks

One of my favorite animals is the eastern chipmunk.  While it’s safe to say they’re a common animal in the woods of north Alabama, it seems as if they’re either ubiquitous or nowhere to be seen.  I suppose it’s a matter of food.

Anyway, I’m out on the trail the other day and there’s a lot of chipmunk activity–this was a ubiquitous kind of experience.  The little guys were all over the place (my theory: it’s springtime and love is in the air).  Chipmunks are funny, because they have a  warning chirp that almost sounds like a bird.  They’re running around, so there are leaves rustling, and the ‘munks were chirping up a storm when suddenly one of them stops on a rock some 15 feet in front of me.  

He (?) faced toward me, sat up on his back legs, and just started barking at me!  It wasn’t a dog-like bark, but it certainly wasn’t just a chirp either.  This went on for a few seconds, then he jumped down, ran between two rocks, and was gone.  

And then it was quiet.

Okay, I’ve been in the woods a lot.  I’ve seen a lot of chipmunks.  I’ve never experienced something like that though–it was strange and a little bit funny, all at the same time. 

In keeping with the strange and a little bit funny theme, I had the sudden urge to share the experience on Twitter.  I’m not a big Twitter user, but that’s where I chose to share what had just happened.

In keeping with the strange and a little bit funny theme, my sharing turned into a haiku, compliments of Jean LaTourette (@mz_lat).  

Thanks, Jean, for a fun experience as fellow writers, technology, and an irritated chipmunk all came together on a Saturday morning!

13 thoughts on “Technology and Chipmunks”

  1. Ha! Very funny – especially the Twitter part! Those little guys are very “squirrelly!” They tease our dog Molly, a yellow lab, up at our cabin – coming out of a log and chirping while dancing around knowing full well she cannot get to them while she’s on the deck! And, we had one follow us for food on a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park many years ago! Fun post!

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  2. I should know by now not to take a giant mouthful of tea before reading your posts! I love how you captured the personality of the territorial fellow, but what made me splurt tea everywhere was your Twitter comment.

    Your posts bring me joy, Tim. Thank you for sharing them.

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  3. We have chipmunks here in our rocky ditch line, but I have never heard them. I love the way the tweet became generative and a haiku was born!

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    1. Leigh Anne, it was neat how it all came together. Chipmunks can be vocal, but they sound like birds if you don’t know it’s them. Just little chirps, for the most part.


  4. I have a massive chipmunk population in my year and on my street here in suburban NJ. They can at times destroy gardens and lawns but their antics have provided me with GREAT joy in this last stressful and at-home year! Thanks for the wonderful post about our friends! Yes, they do make some kind of a noise!

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    1. We don’t have chipmunks at the house, but my folks do. They’re not fans, as the chipmunks can really do a number on a flower garden, especially with bulbs. Thanks for reading!


  5. I love chipmunks too! They are BRAZEN where we live – drives my doggos to distraction. And I’m not often on twitter, but it’s fun to find and share nuggets like there wherever and however we come across them. =)

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