As our northern hemisphere
bows toward the ecliptic
the days lengthen 
and the cool spring rains fall
bringing forth new life
from the damp, dark humus.
Leaves emerge
flowers bloom
birds nest
insects fly
and the Earth continues 
on — and in — its way.

4 thoughts on “Springtime”

  1. It really is rather magical, isn’t it, the way new life emerges “from the damp, dark humus” and how Earth continues her age-old choreography along the ecliptic…it’s the familiar and yet so mysterious. Your poem resounds with it.

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  2. “Magical” is a perfect word. “Miraculous” works as well, but I like magical. Thanks, Fran. (BTW, “age-old choreography along the ecliptic” is going in the notebook–thanks!)


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