17 thoughts on “Tanka: Trust”

  1. There is so much to this picture here: the tenuous trust between you and the owl, the respect for its power, the joy and wonder of being in the presence of such a creature. Love this.

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    1. Linda, I work with the Rise Raptor Project here in north Alabama. It’s an education organization that focuses on stewardship and conservation. I’ve worked with that bird for more than five years now, so we do have a level of trust–I’m thankful for the opportunity every time I pick him up.

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  2. I can sense the power just by looking at the photo … the owl is gorgeous. Metaphors that come immediately to mind on your caption are “the grip of COVID” and “the wisdom of wearing a mask”… trust, every which way.

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  3. I have been fascinated by owls for a very long time. When I was a young teacher we had movies that were rented from the county library for schools, the ones about owls were fantastic. But we switched and I never had the information about their titles etc and it was too late to track them down. Perhaps today Youtube and Google might help. Those who work with them to share with children or rehabilitate the injured ones are brave in my opinion. Their variety in size and color and habits are also interesting to learn about. I am wondering if this is the first time interacting with this owl or if you volunteer to help? Maybe this owl is more adjusted to people? You are braver than I, but your Tanka is powerful. Trust is something we need desperately.

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    1. Janet, I agree with you that owls are fascinating! I’ve worked with this particular bird for around five years now through an organization called Rise Raptor Project here in north Alabama. He’s been handled since he was very young, so there is a great degree of trust. For that–and the opportunity to work with him–I’m thankful!


    1. Thanks, Janice. I’m comfortable with him since we’ve been together for more than five years, but I still need to be mindful to make sure he’s comfortable with me!


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