On Permanence

Concrete wall anchors.

All three of those words carry a sense of permanence that — I have to confess — I’m just not looking for right now.  That said, I need to mount something to a wall, and it has to be done today.  

Anchored, it will be.  To a concrete wall.

I’m moving into a new classroom, teaching a new grade level, and working with a new team.  That, for me, is a lot of new, and while I’m looking forward to everything about this school year, it’s still a bit much, given how the summer break has gone so far.  (I’ll start at the current time with that story: All is going well.  The previous five weeks were a bit touch-and-go, though.)

Ah, a new classroom!  So much potential, and so many decisions to be made.  Decisions that include where to mount an interactive panel that’s roughly the size of the barracks room in which I started my adult life.  

Thus the concrete wall anchors.  

Fortunately, I’ve got a putty knife and I’m not afraid to use it.  Maybe things aren’t so permanent after all!

14 thoughts on “On Permanence”

  1. Tim, that is a lot of change for a new year. I was going to say “especially after last year,” but then realized that we all want and need a change from last year. Good luck with creating your new space.

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  2. That is a LOT of new! I’m also changing classrooms this year and on top of other challenges, have found it…unsettling. I wish you the best as you navigate your many changes, putty knife in hand. Hang in there!

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  3. I read your Father’s Day post too, Tim. I’m glad it is going well now. Yes, concrete wall anchor away! You can always fill in the mess-ups with your putty knife. Enjoy the preparations.

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  4. I’m so excited for you as you begin this new chapter. Your kids will be LUCKY. I can also relate to the indecision of where to put something like a display. Everything in a classroom, from the space we give students to the arrangement of furniture, sends a message about the atmosphere we create. I do hope you’ll post a picture of your classroom! (And…I just finished _The Overstory_. FASCINATING!)

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    1. Setting up a classroom is so much harder now that I have a small understanding of the importance of atmosphere. I want it to be our space for a year at the same time it’s my space for (hopefully) a much longer time.

      _The Overstory_: Yes!

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  5. I am excited for you to have a new classroom, but being mostly an introvert and one who dislikes a change in routine, I understand being hesitant. It is a lot of new, as some others have said. But, I think I’ve gathered from reading your posts that you’ll meet this challenge (of newness) head-on, Tim. You’ll be a great teacher for your students. And, I think your new team will be lucky to have you on board. Good luck with mounting that screen. The technology piece is the one thing that still sets me on edge when entering a classroom space.

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    1. Change is difficult for me as well, but I’m trying to embrace it. The technology piece is a challenge. I’m comfortable with technology, but this year’s goal is to model how teachers can use it to multiply the impact of their teaching efforts and not just introduce bells and whistles. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes!

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  6. That IS “a lot of new” for anyone, Tim – I hope as you wield your putty knife that this physical act of anchoring will ease your mind some about the year ahead. Thinking of myriad literal and metaphorical “concrete wall anchors” after reading this and the Father’s Day post. Prayers for your dad. I walked that path with my own. And two years ago, at the end of July 2019, it was my husband in CICU. I didn’t start the school year on time, I had a new role to learn, and – well, I endured (then in March came COVID). I tried to write my way through, even if feebly sometimes. I gave thanks for something every day …now my husband walks eight miles a couple of times a week and comes home with tales of eagles and deer and awesome German Shepherds (he loves them) that walk with their owners on the trail. Two last things – cheers for your comment above about using tech to enhance teaching vs. for bells and whistles, and The Overstory is one of my favorite books – my copy has almost a whole pad of tiny Post-Its flagging its pages! Stuff that fills cracks in one’s soul… ongoing strength to you. Wonders await!


    1. Fran, things are starting to fall into place with my classroom, and my mind is finding snippets of ease more and more as the days go by. Life, of course, has it’s highs and lows, and I’m sorry we’ve experienced some of the same of the latter. I’m glad to be reminded, though, that your husband’s story is back in the “high” category.

      Tech in the classroom can be pretty to look at, can’t it? There are so many ways to use it in a powerful, positive way, though, and I love exploring them.

      The Overstory. I can definitely see it taking an entire pad of Post-Its!

      Blessings and strength to you, Fran, and here’s to a great year!

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