Hurricane Ida

By choice, I’ve not gone back through my blog to see how many times I’ve written about the weather.  I know it’s been more than a few times, and, when I have, it’s rarely been about sunny days.  I’ll just add this post to the list

Today, thanks to Hurricane Ida, it’s a weather day for my district here in north Alabama.  We’re some 400 miles from the Gulf Coast, but the dangers are still real. 

Thus, the weather day.

The decision was made yesterday, well before the first drops of rain fell here in our area.  That’s a tough call to make, but it was a good one, says the teacher who’s sitting with a cup of coffee and a laptop in his living room watching the rain fall outside.  

Good or bad, though, I have to acknowledge the perils of the “durned if you do, durned if you don’t” nature of the decision faced by district leadership.

If the decision to cancel school is made and the weather hazard turns out to be less than expected, you’ve got upset parents.

If the decision to cancel school is made and the weather hazard turns out to be real BUT there’s anything less than widespread damage, you’ve still got upset parents.

If you don’t decide to cancel school and the weather hazard turns out to be less than expected, you were still gambling with student safety.  (That said, the majority of upset people are teachers and students.)

If you don’t decide to cancel school and the weather hazard comes to be, you should have listened to the experts and made a different choice.

Durned if you do, durned if you don’t.  I do appreciate the difficulty of the decision.

As for me?  I’ll watch the rain and hope for the best while grading some papers, writing some lesson plans, and reaching for another cup of coffee.  

17 thoughts on “Hurricane Ida”

  1. Better for the subset of people who are upset–and there’s always a subset, as you point out–to be safe and upset as opposed to unsafe and upset. I appreciate your calm reflection, and I’m glad it’s more of a precaution than real danger for you. This has been a scary storm for so many!

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  2. Thanks for putting the durned if you do/don’t conundrum in perspective. And I feel like it’s usually a minority of people who just happen to be the loudest on some of those calls. I could be wrong, but I know it’s easier to complain loudly on the internet than it is for some people to post something positive or “thanks for making that call!” I’ll try to remember to say thank you about stuff like that more often.

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    1. Erica, thank you for reminding me that the loudest folks are generally in the minority. Way in the minority. (Let me get in my rocking chair for a moment . . . ) I miss the days when disgruntled people only had friends and family to listen to their grumbling!


  3. Tim, you have perfectly captured that conundrum that strikes fear in the heart of school officials everywhere. Up here in Canada, of course, it’s snow that causes the disruption (although the number of “snow day rituals” taking place in innumerable homes that night before may be the bigger hazard. Wear your pyjamas inside out! Turn around three times and strike a pose in your backyard!)

    Personally, I enjoy the reminder that we are at Nature’s mercy — almost as much as I enjoy that extra cup of tea, knowing I can excavate my car at my leisure.

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    1. Snow days in Alabama are always interesting. Down here we really don’t need much snow at all to shut things down, and our widespread district makes it even more challenging for district administrators. There are a few rural areas that get slick and dangerous with ice and that affects everyone!


  4. Such a hard position to be in – somehow especially now as schools are feeling the pressure to make every minute of in-person teaching count. We do not have “weather days” here, but I remember having some when the call was “right” and others that were more off, but as others have said, I would not want to be the person making those decisions. Hope all stays safe in your corner of the world.

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  5. Stay safe! This post is so very accurate, whether it is snow, rain, or hurricanes! It is difficult to know when to have a weather day or not. Like how you structured your post and hope your weather day was productive for grading and planning!

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  6. Sounds like us up north waiting for blizzard warnings. ‘Course, now we’re all in on the remote learning days for weather. Here’s hoping this storm is *somewhat* gentle to you and your neighbors, and that you stay safe!

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    1. Thanks, Lainie. I’m happy to say the rains passed without much impact in my neck of the woods. Oddly enough, I don’t think we’re at a point yet where we can go remote with just a decision. Given the last 18 months, I suppose that’s a bit surprising.

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  7. Although your “durned if you do, durned if you don’t” perspective has me chuckling, Tim, it’s totally true, sometimes. I hope you and yours are well in Ida’s wake. As to writing lots of weather-related posts…that’s natural for a nature-lover! Weather affects us all. Write on!

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