Signs of Life

I came around the corner on the way home from school, and our car was in the driveway.  Our car, not to be confused with our little truck, which I was driving at the time. I knew the truck wouldn’t be in the driveway, as I was in it, but I was surprised to see the car.  I was expecting an empty driveway, which, as I’ve said, wasn’t the case. 

I couldn’t remember, though, where my wife said she was going to be when I got home. Had she said she wouldn’t be home?  I thought so, but I couldn’t be sure.  I’m good like that.

As I got out of the truck, I put my hand on the hood of the car.  It was cool, so she hadn’t gone out and gotten home early.  Hmmm. 

I grabbed my school bag, and climbed the few stairs to the front door.  Opening the screen door, I reached out and found the front door locked, which was strange, since my wife usually unlocks the door when her phone tells her I’m getting close to the house. 

“Hi honey, I’m home!” I called out as I opened the door.

Yes, that’s totally a cliché, which is why we say it.  

The house was quiet, except for Lulu whining to get out of her crate, and still I was clueless about the love of my life’s whereabouts.  

Then I saw a black sequined purse, fashioned in the shape of a cat, sitting on the chair nearest the door.  Looking further, I saw one bookbag, and then another.  A lunchbox, and a jacket on the floor.  And then a second lunchbox.

The granddaughters were here; that wasn’t my sequined cat purse.

Or, were they?  Were they playing “hide from grandpa,” as is their wont when I get home? Or, just as likely, were they outside?

As they weren’t home, I was the only one who laughed at me checking behind the furniture, the shower curtains, and under the beds.  

Finally, I gave in and reached for my phone.  

Learning of their walk around the block, the mystery was solved, and I found myself outside just a moment later, watching two little girls running toward me, their hair streaming behind them.  With an exaggerated “whoof,” I caught their hugs on the run. 

I was home, and my evening had started in one of the best possible ways!

10 thoughts on “Signs of Life”

  1. Your sequinned cat purse is red, isn’t it? 😂😂😂

    This was a joy to read — almost as much joy as you felt catching your granddaughters in mid-air. Thank you for sharing. ❤️


  2. This post is an awful lot of fun. From “I knew the truck wouldn’t be in the driveway, as I was in it” to “that wasn’t my sequined cat purse” and the image of only you laughing as you check for the granddaughters, I chuckled all the way through. Those little ones clearly create magic in your life – even before you find out that they’ve arrived.


  3. So fun!! So sweet!! ALSO, Kyle and I do the same thing about unlocking the door when our phones tell us the other one is home – what a funny detail about “every day life” that I never really considered. Thank you for sharing this joy!


  4. Tim, you describe this most delightful moment with so much anticipation, curiosity and joy. There truly is nothing better than having your grandchildren rush to your arms. Thank you for sharing this moment.


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