Program Outline

This morning I led an environmental education program for a group of adults with intellectual disabilities.  I’m going to write a longer post about it later, but I wanted to share the outline today:

  • Start with introducing the Land Trust property where the event was held
  • Conduct an audience-participation bird song activity
  • Teach about the geography of Alabama and how it affects the biodiversity of the land
  • Talk about the mammals, marsupials, birds, reptiles, and amphibians of the area
  • Discuss the importance of the Oxford comma.  Not really, but the last bullet necessitated the inclusion of this bullet
  • Finish with a raptor presentation starring Sassy the red-tailed hawk

In a word, it was a blast.  More to follow!

10 thoughts on “Program Outline”

  1. It’s never a bad time to include the Oxford comma! Your life sounds very eclectic; one minute you are teaching coding to kindergarten students, the next you are leading an environmental program for adults. The outline sounds great.

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    1. There was a lot, but it went quick. Actually, this was my first time working with intellectually disabled adults. It was rewarding for me, and there were a lot of smiles. That made it all worth while!

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  2. I am a fellow environmental educator and it sounds like you conducted a great place based lesson! I hope your audience enjoyed it and you were able to connect with them! It seems you are energized by your experience – that means it must have gone well! Kudos!

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