Not Just a Moment

I was given a moment, earlier today 
And I’m happy to say I recognized it as such
An instant in time when I spotted a feather 
Lying on the ground by my garden fence 

An owl, sometime during the night, visited my yard
There was a moment when I recognized the feather 
Just as there was one when the feather was lost
Quite possibly a different moment saw the taking of prey in the dark 

We’re given moments, and sometimes they are given us
They’re not seconds, mere divisions of a day
Nor are they heartbeats, each one cherished but passing without remark
The life-giving product of a miraculous electrical impulse

We’re given many moments each day
Most of them inconsequential, but some of them not

The morning sun reflecting off sprinkler-wet stepping stones
A moment when I see my daughters looking out from a picture frame
One when I find my dog wanting to play
Another sees me finding a note from my wife, giving her love

A moment when my eyes fall on a flower in an unexpected place
A moment when the sun is just seconds away from disappearing 
behind the tree line to the west
A moment when sleep takes us, and there are no more

4 thoughts on “Not Just a Moment”

  1. Nice poem! Recognizing the special and not so special moments of any day is a gift.

    We had an owl take up residence a few summers ago. He stayed for about 3 weeks and then disappeared. About 2 months ago my daughter and I heard the owl hooting and about 1 month ago I found a feather down the street while out for a walk. I know that owl is still around, just staying hidden.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa! Sometimes it’s easy for me to go through a day and not stop to notice so many of the things that I know must have gone on around me. I try to pay attention, but it’s hard.

      It’s so cool to know that you’ve got an owl around. Seeing one so rare, and hearing one is something I enjoy.


  2. This is a fabulous poem, focusing on those “moments” that sometimes we do not notice but are very rewarding when we take the time to do so. I especially like, “The life-giving product of a miraculous electrical impulse.” You took a cold hard, anatomical/physiological fact and gave it a romanticized turn. Thanks for sharing!

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