A feather drops 
and the loss of lift and maneuverability is immediate
What was possible moments ago 
is no longer 

Coming in sheathed
new feathers are just extra weight until they’re ready 
and flight as it was 
is restored  

Sometimes change is sudden

New flight feathers coming in on a male American Kestrel, Falco sparverius.

When a bird grows new feathers, they have a protective sheath that stays in place until the feather is fully formed.

15 thoughts on “Feathers”

  1. I agree with Molly. Lots to think about with your poem. It reminds me, obliquely, of snake birds (anhingas?) whom I have watched drying their wings. Once they have been swimming, they can’t fly (while wet). The change is sudden, but takes less time to restore 🙂

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