It’s Cold

It is cold in north Alabama.  

I mean, it’s February, so it’s usually cold, but this is different.  Different because, well, it’s really cold–temps in the single digits last night–and it’s cold in a lot of places that don’t normally see this kind of Arctic air.  The Gulf Coast, Texas, Northern Mexico, for goodness’ sake: It’s cold out there!

In addition to today’s cold, yesterday was an unusual weather day all the way around.  It started at around 32 degrees, and it stayed there all day, varying no more than about 2 or 3 degrees.  In addition, precipitation fell most of the day.  That meant we moved from rain to snow to sleet to freezing rain a few different times.  The result: We woke up this morning to a solid quarter-inch of ice coating everything and a thin layer of snow on the ground. 

This afternoon, after sitting for six hours in front of a computer (school was cancelled, but just my luck: I had a virtual training session with an instructor who’s from a warm place), I had to get outside.  I wanted to be jarred back to life, so I didn’t dress too warmly; just a coat and a pair of gloves.  My walk in the neighborhood, as brief as it was, was wonderful.  Traffic was non-existent due to road conditions, and things were strangely quiet.  

I could hear the trees swaying in the breeze.  I didn’t hear ice falling; rather, I heard it moving…frozen sheaths around blades of wood that were only snuggly encased.  It was a strange sound to hear–one I’ve only rarely heard throughout my life lived mostly in cold climates.

It’s beautiful, but I won’t be sorry to see it go.  This is the deep south, and I want to put my coat back in the closet for the year.  Soon, I hope.


Fun fact: as I’m writing this, it’s ten degrees warmer in Anchorage, Alaska (26 degrees) than it is in Toney, Alabama (16 degrees). What’s up with that?

10 thoughts on “It’s Cold”

  1. I definitely am so intrigued by this crazy cold weather in the Southern states. These types of weather events are our normal here in Wisconsin, but I know it must be so odd to have this happening there. I love your description of the sounds of the ice. It is so true and not something that I always take time to notice.

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    1. We’re a long way from Wisconsin, Andrea, but we’ve certainly had a taste of its cold over the last week. The ice has been incredible; it was only today–some 5 days later–that it fully melted. We should have t-shirt weather next week!


  2. Tim, I can completely resonate with your post. School has been cancelled in my son’s district for the rest of the week. My district closed school today and tomorrow. I had no idea Texas and other parts south could get weather like this. I moved from OHIO to escape this kind of weather…I feel like I’m being stalked…LOL

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  3. It’s so strange to be reading this post about Alabama, I only lived in Mississippi for about 4 years but I know how rare snow is and how these weather conditions are hard to fathom. I love the way you ended your piece “It’s beautiful, but I won’t be sorry to see it go. This is the deep south, and I want to put my coat back in the closet for the year.” Thank you for these beautiful lines. Stay warm!

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  4. I would much rather have snow than ice, but ice does have this magical quality to it just like the sound you were hearing. WE got almost a foot of snow, and yes, I am ready to put the coat away too. Hope things warm up your way soon.

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    1. Leigh Anne, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a foot of snow, although we did get 9″ a few years ago (in Alabama!). I think we’re all going to be ready for springtime!


  5. The fact that Alaska is presently warmer than Alabama makes my head spin. We actually talked about this at breakfast this morning (though we were talking about Houston vs. Anchroage since that’s where my uncle lives… and he’s without power, like many other Texans, right now).

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