Self-Sufficiency is a Myth

February 18th, 2021: Millions suffer through one of the worst winter storms to hit the south in decades.

The strongest man 
is the one
who stands alone.
A self-made man 
told me that
just after, as I recall
he pulled himself up 
by his bootstraps.
A rugged individual
he was
on his own two feet
helped, perhaps 
by his god
but only because 
he helped himself first.

What a load
of that stuff 
they have
in Texas.

19 thoughts on “Self-Sufficiency is a Myth”

    1. Thanks, Molly! I’ve kind of watched the current events with a touch of dismay, and so many of those expressions have proved themselves false. I hope we, as a society, can learn from this past week (and year).

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  1. It’s been quite a week to “pulling oneself up” only to fall over again & again. Could learning come? Thanks for writing what so many are thinking, Time!

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