Notebook: Revised

Around this time last year, I posted a version of this poem to my blog. I stumbled upon it recently when I noticed on my website dashboard that someone visited that post.

As I re-read the post and the poem, I realized that my attitude has changed over the last year, and I like writing in my notebook more than I did back then. Look at me, growing and stuff. Anyway, I rewrote the last stanza to reflect my new practice.

Notebook: Revised

A pencil on paper
A mark on the page
It’s like watching live music
Or an actor on stage

It’s not fingers on keys
And there isn’t a screen
It’s real, and it’s physical
Do you see what I mean?

Is it good? Is it better?
This writing by hand?
Does this scribbling unplugged
See my vision expand?

Well, maybe it just might
I have to confess
Perhaps I’ll pen more —  
And keyboard a bit less

19 thoughts on “Notebook: Revised”

  1. It’s so interesting how you wrote about this contrast of notebook and keyboard writing, Tim. I wrote about the same topic this week in my notebook as well. I adore my notebook and pens – the keyboard – not so much. I’ll join you in that last stanza – 🙂

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    1. Interesting reflection. I like both but find I think differently with the different mediums. If a poem comes easy….it’s keyboard but if it needs work and coffee and contemplation and a change of scenery and back and forth…’s pen and notebook all the way. Look forward to joining you in the April collaborative poem exercise.

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    2. I’m getting to where I enjoy the notebook, but the keyboard still gets the majority of the action. I’ve been thinking about it, and realize that virtually everything I write is for publication. Slices of Life and poems for Poetry Friday are the bulk of my writing. If I just wrote to write, things might be different!


  2. I like what Wendy said. I never thought I would get used to just writing on the keyboard. When I was finishing grad school for my Natural Resources degree, I wrote on paper first. Then, I’d type. Over the last year or so, I have hit the keyboard experiencing more stream of consciousness writing for my blog. I tend to obsess too much so letting the words flow out of me is actually a good thing. Look at you, though, growing and stuff!

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  3. Both clever poems. I like how you changed your thinking. It’s like the choice between reading a book and using a Kindle. I’m choosing the old fashioned way…most of the time, anyway.

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  4. Pencil in hand works better for me also, especially at the beginning of the process. I can edit by keyboard, but the initial creative spark surfaces better on paper. Thanks for your thoughts…

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    1. Karen, I have been drafting poetry in my notebook, but most of my narrative (okay, almost all) gets written, revised, and edited on the computer. You’re right about the creative spark, though–that comes easier on paper!


  5. I’ve been doing Morning Pages by hand for the last three months – and there’s really something to be said for writing with a pen or pencil on a page! Ruth,

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  6. I think I am a first time visitor, Tim. I really love your poem. Former teacher and teacher at heart here. I sometimes compose by hand these days and I also frequently am on the computer. I know the wonderful benefits of keeping a notebook. I wonder if you know about Amy Ludwig VanDerwaters’ April poetry month videos from her Betsy the Writing Camper from last year. She showed how she composed in her notebook by hand. I find her to be a wonderful writer. This year she is not blogging much as she has gone back to teaching. While I miss her I hope maybe she is going to do something during NaPoMo. Also Amy has a Sharing Our Notebooks blog as well. It’s nice to see that your journey moves you forward and you gave me something to think more about. Thanks!

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    1. Janet, thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate your comments. There’s definitely a place for both the notebook and the computer, if for no other reason that one needs a computer to post a blog! I am familiar with Amy’s material, and enjoy it a lot. Her return to teaching had to have been a blessing for her students, but I do miss her regular work online. Thank you again!


  7. I like you how you revisit and revise with your new perspective. I find I prefer some writing by hand (like early drafts of poems and journaling) but others come easier sitting down at a keyboard.

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