Yet Another Weather Day

Yesterday was another rough weather day in Alabama, and it’s only the end of March.  We still have April and the beginning of May to go.

Did you ever see the movie, Napoleon Dynamite

A friend of mine once said of that movie, “Well, that’s two hours of my life I can’t get back,” but I found it amusing.  I’m from the midwest, so it kind of resonated.

This post isn’t about the movie, but that film did give me a quote that I use often.  It’s kind of sing-songy, and I don’t remember the tune, but it goes like this: “I love technology.”

Sometime yesterday afternoon, after the second round of storms (second of three) moved through the state, a friend of mine decided it was time to post to Facebook.  She wrote something along the lines of, “What did people do before the news media was here to sensationalize the weather?  It’s just a thunderstorm, and I love listening to the rain.” 

I can’t be sure of her quote, because she took it down an hour or so after posting it.  My guess is she saw pictures of the flood damage to her town, but I don’t know that for sure.

I’m not sharing that story to put her down, because I do think the media gets a little (okay, sometimes a lot) carried away with their weather coverage. I’m sharing it because it brought to mind how much I love the technology that allows them to do so.  I’m so appreciative that our meteorologists can say, within a few miles, where tragedy is about to strike. I do not doubt that lives are saved by that ability each and every storm.  

Parts of my state are starting to rebuild today.  Tornadoes are a part of life here (as they are in a huge part of the rest of the country), and we will move on.  I’m thankful it wasn’t worse.

8 thoughts on “Yet Another Weather Day”

  1. My daughter and I were just talking about the Southern tornadoes this morning. They’re a tiny part of life here. We are both afraid of them. (One touched down a mile from our home when we lived in Harrisburg.) I cannot imagine living with the threat of a tornado in the springtime like you do.

    Glad you’re safe!

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  2. The power of the weather is daunting and I, for one, am grateful to the technology that allows folks to get inside, take in objects that could become trajectories, and find safe havens. In upstate NY we have little threat from tornados, but our winter weather keeps us on our guard for well over half of the year. Stay safe!

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  3. I’m glad you are safe. I agree, sometimes the technology can be annoying like your friend noticed, yet it can be so helpful. I’ll admit I was a little annoyed to have my phone chirping EARLY this morning to notify us of a child abducted from a bus stop. But, the child was found this afternoon and I felt a little guilty for being annoyed. I am thankful for alerts and weather warnings and the good they do.

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